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Suited for large quantities of goods

Horizontal carousels (HOCA) are an excellent choice for large storage areas or low roofed buildings. The horizontal storage system can accommodate large quantities of bulky goods, reducing picking times significantly.

The idea of the Gonvarri HOCA concept is to combine horizontally moving shelves into the smallest area, at the same time utilizing the available space. The horizontal storage system can accommodate large quantities of bulky goods, reducing picking times significantly. 

The system brings goods to an operator quickly and ergonomically. Productivity can be boosted even further by connecting several machines to a single retrieval point. This means that operator can pick from one carousel while other machines are rotating to be ready for the next pick. Modern technology allows also picking from several different locations. Compared to traditional methods, the Horizontal Carousel reduces picking errors by two thirds.

Horizontal Carousels can be equipped with pick-to-light systems that make batch-picking simple and fast for the operator. HOCA is easily connected to the production, logistics and sales databases, as well as the other Gonvarri storage automates. The own control system of the storage system always chooses the quickest route. 

With a Horizontal Carousel you get following benefits: 

  • Optimal use of floor space and low building height.
  • Enables by its flexible dimensions the storage of different goods into one system.
  • Efficient batch picking.
  • One operator can pick from several machines.
  • A safe way to store and handle material.
  • Easily integrated to the whole logistics environment of the warehouse and into the company’s WMS.
  • Rapid and easy way of picking goods. Picking time very short.
  • User-friendly and safe.
  • A simple re-stocking system.
  • Controller equipped with a graphical touch screen.
  • Option of several pick openings.
  • Many options for bay shelf configuration.
  • Two horizontal carousels can be installed one above the other.


Technical information

 HOCA Horizontal Carousel - Gonvarri Storage Machines  

Standard Dimensions:

  • Machine width: 1700 and 1900 mm
  • Machine length: even up to 50 m
  • Machine height: 2150 – 4350 mm
  • Bay width: 830–1010 mm
  • Bay depth: 508 and 608 mm
  • Bay height: 1700–3900 mm
  • Bay load capacity: 600 kg
  • Shelf capacity: 100 kg
  • Shelf division: 60 and 120 mm
  • Machine load capacity: 40 tons
  • Electricity: 400 VAC, 16 A