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Picking time - 15 seconds / order row

Paternoster Vertical Storage Machine

The Paternoster Vertical Storage Machine is a secure and safe solution that offers automated storage for heavier or mixed size items. Offering good accessibility and clear overview of the goods stored while providing an excellent solution for reducing picking times.

The Paternoster System works through vertical rotation. The requested goods are transported to the operator by the shortest possible route and presented in an ergonomic position. 

With the particularly compact design, the Paternoster makes optimal use of available warehouse dimensions, from the floor up to the ceiling. Paternoster storage machine saves floor space up to 75% and offers efficient height optimised storage on a minimal footprint. Retrieval points can be located on different floor levels. 

Paternoster can be manually operated, but also features host-controlled order picking and highly-efficient batch picking. A large reduction in picking times is achieved just with batch picking, offering a quicker goods selection process. With the ability to easily link this machine to your ERP or WMS using our TCPlus software, managing your picking has never been easier.

PaC-Light upgrade package for old Paternosters

Many Paternosters delivered in the past decades are mechanically still in a good shape, but the electrical parts and control systems may be reaching the end of their life. 

With the PaC-Light upgrade package these old Paternosters can be updated to todays technology and it secures a second life for these older machines, with the added benefit of updating the safety features to meet today’s regulations. Read more.

With a Paternoster yo
u get benefits and features like:

  • Picking time only 15 seconds per row
  • Reduces picking errors by 2/3
  • Ideal for batch picking
  • Combines reliable technology with decades of experience in global deliveries
  • Low maintenance requirements serviced by a highly skilled maintenance network
  • Provides a safe, ergonomic working environment
  • Easy to integrate with many WMS solutions
  • Prevents unauthorized use - reduces stock losses
  • Well light picking opening can be closed and secured electronically
  • Multiple picking faces on more than one floor level are available
  • Control unit with a graphical display and an alphanumeric keyboard
  • Carrier dimensions suit most standard picking trays

Technical information

All our products utilise leading-edge technology and are customized to your requirements.

Paternoster technical information - Gonvarri Machine

Standard Dimensions:

  • Total height: up to 15 m
  • Carrier widths: 2,850 and 4,100 mm
  • Carrier depths: 520 and 620 mm
  • Clear carrier height: 201 – 493 mm
  • Carrier load capacity: up to 600 kg
  • Total capacity: up to 16 t
  • Machine width: 3,703 and 4,953 mm
  • Machine depth: 2,036 and 2,236 mm
  • Electricity: 400 VAC, 16A
  • Motor output: 1.5 / 2.2 / 4.0 kW

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