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We understand the importance of having a fully operational warehouse at all times. With our preventive maintenance program including remote support for our machine contract customers we can minimize the possibility of breakdowns.

We provide a full professional service package to ensure quick response times if your product requires attention. To make sure your storage machine is in optimum condition we also conduct regular service to help prolong its life and reduce down time, resulting from damage going un-noticed.

You can choose different levels of service depending on how rapidly it needs to be fixed and what needs to be repaired. Scheduled servicing of your Machine by our qualified service team can provide the necessary support and assistance.

Spare Parts

Various spare parts packages are available for storage machines according to the driver type. We provide you with original high quality spare parts when needed. Spare part can be bought on-site in kits to quicken possible repairs.

Our expert teams of skilled service and maintenance technician can support you with; carrying out any remedial work required and provide ongoing servicing and support of our machines, both within your facility or with remote support.

Service Agreement

We aim to continue to work with our customers in providing ongoing support in terms of the maintenance and servicing of our Machines.

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Remote Support

Operators can get help within minutes when they have a question that cannot be solved by themselves.

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