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Every year we help companies to become more efficient and more productive.  We provide storage machines that provide long-term solutions to clients in every type of business. 

Take a look at our case studies. They give brief details about what we’ve been able to help just some of our clients to achieve.

What stage are you at?

  • Looking to upgrade an existing installation or retrofit an old building?
  • Thinking about designing a new system to be more effective and efficient for you?
  • Commissioning your architect or project manager at the design stage of a new-build?
  • Wondering how others in your industry have solved their own storage problem?

If you have a project in mind or are just curious about why so many companies and organisations choose Gonvarri Material Handling, use the Case Study Filter below to find out more.

B & B Tools, Sweden
Bauhaus, Denmark
Bosch, Denmark
Din Bil/Audi, Sweden
Hedin Bil, Sweden
Koiviston Auto, Finland
Palby Marine, Denmark
Ponsse, Finland
Servistik, Sweden
Veho, Finland
VMS Group, Denmark
Volvo Truck Centers, Nordic countries
Wipro, Romania