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Warehouse management and accurate stock balance control has become more important in storage and logistics. In automated storage, the use of stock control systems and their ability to fit into the company’s other operations and to a host system has taken a bigger role.

TCPlus is a Windows based WMS system that has been developed for use with storage machines but can be used as a standalone system or connected easily to existing ERP-system. It's a complete WMS system that can be used when there are both machines and static racking in the warehouse. 

TCPlus for Storage Machines   

TCPlus WMS has been developed for use with storage machines as a stand-alone or with full integration to ERP. The software manages stock items, storage locations, inventories and reports. It enables the control of the warehouse from basic inventory control to complex batch picking. Read more.. 

TCPlus for Warehouse

TCPlus can handle all basic storage operations such as picking, inventory, internal moving of items, check content on location and block specific storage locations. TCPlus is easy to use and flexible system to create and manage storage systems. Read more..