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Remote Support enables help within minutes. Tornado PC control enables the remote support for the machine, meaning that a Tornado can be serviced through internet without physically going to the site.

Operators can get help within minutes when they have a question that cannot be solved by themselves. Our technical experts can remotely guide you through the software to analyse any issues with you storage machine. About 85% of the service calls can be taken care by the remote support. 

The software updates can be done automatically and if a physical visit is needed from the service team, they can do the software preparations before the visit by investigating the log files and making sure they have all the needed spare parts with them on the visit. 

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast on-line help through internet
  • Most of the problems can be solved on-line
  • Customer gets help within minutes, not within hours
  • Service man to go on site only when really needed, less travel costs and service visits
  • Secure, same encrypted system which is used with internet banks in money transferring
  • Not only in problem cases, but to support and help customers and operators in their daily work
  • Software updates easily received by remote support