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GMH Tower S is designed for storage of heavy oversized material, like press molds or heavy goods on special pallets.

GMH S TowerBy combining features and benefits of MS and LS Towers, it is possible to design a special storage system that is customized to the specific features of the stored units, as well as the customer's requirements for storage, handling and protection of the stored units.


Loading cells - weighing the loading unit

Load cells are installed on the lower support and they visualize the weight of each container. Thanks to this application, the Tower S offers safety equipment which automatically stops the machine in case of a container being overloaded.

The weight of the container in loading/unloading position is visualized on the standard keyboard, or directly on the PC monitor in case of interface with control software. The application includes four load cells FTO, fixed on each corner of the lower support (loading/unloading position), completed with mounting accessories set and weight transmitter to connect the load cells with the PLC of the storage system.

GMH Tower S Operator

Operator area type

The Tower S can have one or more operator areas, at front, back or on the side of the machine.


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