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TCPlus WMS has been developed for use with storage machines as a stand-alone or with full integration to ERP. 


The software manages stock items, storage locations, inventories and reports. It enables the control of the warehouse from basic inventory control to complex batch picking, which can contain multiple storage machines. 

TCPlus features and benefits

  • Picking
  • Inventory
  • Clear graphics that show all operations
  • Moving items inside the warehouse
  • Goods reporting
  • Repetition diagrams for different warehouse areas and shelves
  • Transaction history (who, what, when)
  • Graphics monitoring of warehouse filling rate
  • Monitoring of storage location types and loading items
  • Possibility of printing various labels during picking 
  • FIFO, Floating storage locations, Fixed storage locations with or without quantity management
  • Control data of a warehouse directly from the host system
  • Support for controlling separate production batches of a single item per storage location concerned
  • Several different languages options
  • Control of user accounts and user rights
  • Items weight control
  • Items thumbnails or drawings
  • Serial number connection to items