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Technical Information - Tornado Storage Machine

1. Tray 

Tornado Tray - Gonvarri MachinesFixed Tray Position (FTP) or Height Optimised Tray Position (HOT). Tornado and all storage machines work most effectively in saving storage space when the tray heights are designed so that on each tray is stored products with the similar height. If the height of the product is not similar to each other the item that occupies the highest room will set the height of the whole tray which reserves a lot of empty storage space.

A Hot system tend to increase the amount of reserved empty storage space and to function properly - it even requires a lot of free storage space to handle a change of product height.

 FTP, like organized parking place                        HOT, parking unorganized

Big tray vs. Multi-tray presentation in the opening

Tornado's Big Tray brings about 20-35% more products to pick per movement, which speeds up the picking by 20%. Big tray offers superior ergonomics compared to most multi-tray presentations. It also means less movement and strain on the machine, and therefore also less need for maintenance. With the big tray the capacity of the Tornado increases and the required amount of machines decreases.  

Tornado TCPlus Warehouse Management Software optimizes the picking route and guides picking from the most beneficial location – which means that the items that probably will be picked together are on the same tray.

The access opening with multi-tray presentation means to have the possibility to bring trays to two different locations / levels in the opening. While picking from a first tray positioned in the access opening, the lift positions the next tray behind the access opening. After completion of work on the first tray, the second tray in the waiting position is transported to the second presentation level without vertical movement while the first tray is withdrawn.


For optimum usage of function 'multi-tray presentation', the presence of a tray in the access opening should exceed 20 seconds! If a tray spends less time in the access opening, the waiting times for the tray exchange may be longer than with standard access openings.

2. Belt

Tornado Belt - Gonvarri Machines     Vertical movement by two rugged special belts. 
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3. Height measurement / Safety light curtain 

Tornado-height-measurement     Height measurement device ensures optimum usage of space.
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4. Servo motor 

Tornado-vertical-motor       Horisontal movement by servo motor.
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 5. Shaft sensor

Tornado-servo-and-shaft-sensor       Shaft sensor ensures safe machine functionality. 
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6. Vertical motor 

Tornado-vertical-motor       Vertical motor with position back feed.
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7. Cladding

Tornado cladding - Gonvarrri MachineNeat and well-groomed cladding makes operating more pleasant and makes the environment look clean and comfort. With various cladding options for the storage systems anyone can create the outlook of a machine to fit that specific environment, for example with using colours and logos. 

Cladding is available in all RAL-colours. Also offers a possibility for cladding windows; plexiglass window enables the curious ones to have a look inside of the machine.

Each plate is easily removed, making maintenance quicker and easier. In addition, the cladding is light weighted. This enables having the same outlook for every storage machine in your warehouse, even if the types were different.

8. WMS / TCPlus Software

Fully integrated WMS software ensures perfect balance with all ERP systems. You find more information and facts about TCPlus here.

9. PC based control system

Tornado TCPlus Machine Control runs on an industrial PC enabling several benefits compared to the traditional PLC and logic-based storage automates. 

Clear high-resolution graphics on a big color monitor come as a standard. You may choose the size of screen you wish. Programs run on Windows operating system, the user interface is common to everyone today.

Tornado can easily be connected to a local area network and several machines can be connected together.  Remote support can be used enabling service to help the customer without needing to travel to the site, making it simple for customer to get help within just minutes.

10. Lift system / table

Tornado-servo-and-shaft-sensor       One of many special mechanical solutions is the Tornado lift system.
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This clever design makes it possible to get rid of a heavy lift table. Trays are moved up and down using load handling devices, LHD, on the left and the right side of the machine. The vertical movement is done by toothed belts, one on each side. Each belt can take up to 9000 kg. The horizontal movement is done by chain or belt.