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Increase efficiency with automated storage machines

Constructor Russia’s customer can now increase efficiency and organization of their warehouse with automated storage machines

TornadoConstructor Russia now offers computer-controlled storage and transfer systems which fit perfectly with almost all types of storage requirements. With automated storage, the efficiency of picking can be significantly improved by over 60% - saving more than 70% of floor space.

Constructor storage systems are tailored and customized for the sites operating environment. The systems can be equipped with shelves, boxes or pallets which can then be adapted to products, improving efficiency in processes even more.

The Constructor storage system is easily connected to your company’s operation control system. Accessories and controls can be selected as per your needs.

Thanks to its ingenious lifting device the Tornado is a swift, energy saving and noiseless automated storage system. It is individually tailored to your products storage requirements. 

First a product code is entered, either manually, with a bar-code reader or from a host system. The system then retrieves the required tray and brings it to the operator at the optimal height. The entire tray can even be transported to another work station.

Tornado machineTornado offers safe and secure storage for valuable and sensitive items. Due to the system’s intelligent control, the machine attempts to place active trays as close to the retrieval point as possible. This makes the Tornado system especially useful for seasonal products. A password-protected access level can be set for additional security. Passwords can be set for individual trays as well. 

Tornado offers short put away and picking times. In addition, with Tornado’s wide tray the quantity of items to be picked is maximized and the additional tray movements are minimized. The structure of a tray enables increasing the width without less payload capacity. Tornado’s simple structure makes the system reliable and low-maintenance. 

The Constructor machines are manufactured in the Group’s factory in Finland and are the result of 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing automated storage machines. The company provides a high level of service in the reliability of manufactured articles, the safety of the equipment and in customer service.


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