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Tornado® UHD - Introducing next generation vertical storage machine

The Tornado Lift System is a dynamic storage and retrieval system using the goods-to-person principle to cut operator walking and waiting times.

Now we are introducing next generation Tornado® UHD, offering the latest technology and TCPlus software.

TORNADO® UHD uses a totally new way to determine independent safety zones inside the machine, and introduces a new roller guided compact load handling device, enabling higher dynamic motion and tray switching.

Key advantages of TORNADO® UHD

  • Increased storage capacity
    - Lower lift casing and electrical cabin – wider range of movement
    - No space needed for buffering trays

  • Faster tray switching
    - Tray buffering with speed zones
    - Two tray locations in opening
    - No need for inner door
  • HOT, FTP and Mixed mode – all in one
    - HOT with 25mm increments
  • More speed with less noise
    - Servo motors instead of induction motor
    - Long lasting maintenance free roller guiding

  • Green technology
    - Near zero friction guidance – less energy needed
    - Energy recovery system as plug and play option

  • Better performance
    - TwinCat 3
    - 64bit Win10 LTSB
  • Industry 4.0
    - Native IoT
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