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Customer: Bosch 
Location: Denmark 
Products/services used: TORNADO Storage Machine 

Bosch (Holger Christiansen A/S) in Denmark, appears an unassuming building from the outside but when you step inside you become quickly aware that it is far from ordinary.  

For more than 40 years, customers have come to appreciate not only the high quality of Bosch products, but also the excellent service and the strong partnerships it builds. Nowadays, Bosch starters, alternators, A/C compressors and auto electrical spare parts and accessories are a firmly established feature of the independent automotive aftermarket. 

Today, Bosch serves more than 16,000 customers worldwide and exports to more than 85 countries. This is supported through a solid sales and distribution channel, with approx. 70% of their business in EU and Russia, with ecommerce is growing rapidly. 

Appreciating the significant efficiency benefits these incredible double Tornado towers would bring to their business, the first ever installation was agreed – but first the office building needed to be purpose built to house these huge towers.   

To date, this installation of fully automated double Tornado’s is the largest in Europe, and was delivered in phases over a number of years.  2003 saw three double Tornado towers installed and over the next five years, a further six double towers were successfully commissioned. Finally and more recently in 2014, the final double Tornado was installed, giving a total capacity 4715m2 and which stands on an impressive footprint of 180m2. 


This piece of engineering brilliance, standing an impressive 15 metres high, holds an incredible 230 draws in each tower, each tray measuring 2500mm x 820mm.  As the final Tornado tower was installed, the project entered into the final stage of upgrading the software on earlier commissioned towers. 

The first 6 Tornados (which had been originally installed in 2003 and 2005) were the first to be upgraded. Fully loaded draws needed to be removed and re-inserted into later installed towers. To achieve this it was realised that man power alone was not enough and a unique tool was invented to move the draws from tower to tower. This process continued until all the towers had been upgraded. 

This project was a big challenge for both Constructor and Bosch, as the picking process continued whilst the upgrade took place. To ensure that support was as efficient, remote support direct from the factory was given during the upgrade project. 

This upgrade now enables Bosch to back up their computer software, should there be an outage and also offers increased security. The new upgrade also integrated sensors, to ensure that the trays automatically return to their original location.    

Today the 10 double Tornados work 19 hours each day with the ability (if not interrupted) to pick 50,000 order lines each month.  The automated double Tornados now manage 60% of the picks, eliminating incorrect picks and further increasing efficiency.    

As the Tornados run in pairs, this means that x1 person can work both machines simultaneously. A picker should be able to pick 170 order lines per/hr. without interruption. Each tower is re-filled at least once a day. Each machine holds D, C and some B items. 

Additional shelving was also installed for all quicker moving order lines (order lines picked more than 60 times per/month) all other order lines are placed in the towers. 

Orders which are now placed before 16:30 are guaranteed next day delivery, for more further afield shipments a 3 day service is offered. With a 1 hr. service offered for local deliveries