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Veho Trucks service centers automated their spare parts storages

Customer: Veho Oy Ab 
Location: Finland 
Products: TORNADO Storage Machines

Business need

When Veho Group Oy Ab acquired Sisu Auto Maintenance Services, a major maintenance network development project began. A concept model with automation of warehouse operations played a key role with the most efficient use of the floor space, says Development Director Kai Hammar. 


Kasten Tornado Storage machines are the heart of the spare parts storage at Veho Trucks service. Veho had experience of the Kasten Tornado storage machine already before. It has been in use in the central warehouse of Veho's subsidiary, Assistor Oy.

Four Tornado storage machines were delivered to Veho Tampere and one to two storage machines to dozens of other locations. The Tornados are 6 to 6.5 meters high and the size of the pallets are 4000 x 820 mm. All machines are provided also with light position indicators which show the next pick. With the barcode reader the picking is signed for the warehouse management system.

The result

"We manage to automate our process further more by integrating the storage machines with our ERP-system. Orders can be sent directly to the Tornado warehouse management system, and the information is also available vice versa, so we have the real-time inventory tracking," Hammar adds.

Storage machines have speeded up maintenance times for repairers, reduced losses, and improved work motivation. The storage machine is also a safe warehouse for special tools that are needed rarely. Tools can be found when needed and it will take no time to look for them.

- The significant value of the Tornados is, in particular, the improvement of the work motivation of the staff as they experience that machines provide them with better conditions to cope with daily work. It also speeds up the lead-times of the cars in service, Hammar says.


Veho was founded in 1939 as a Finnish car sales company, it operates also in Sweden and the Baltic countries. The company was established as an importer of Mercedes-Benz, and the brand is still the core of its business from passenger cars to heavy trucks. Veho Trucks is one of Veho's business areas.