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Tornado storage machines provide solution for Finnish electronics retailer

Customer: Elgood Oy
Location: Vantaa, Finland
Products/Services used: Tornado, Pallet Racking

Elgood OyElgood Oy, based in Finland, has been a representative of leading electronics manufacturers since 1997.

The company's operations have increasingly focused on finding and offering cost-effective solutions for electronic machines and equipment in thermal management, connectors, cable lists, displays, circuit boards and subassemblies.

The requirement

Elgood Oy relocated to new premises in Vantaa in 2019 to premises that comprise office space, warehouse and store. The move was made to accommodate its growing storage needs, which have increased by 30% in just a few years. Indeed, more than 26,000 orders are fulfilled from 100,000 lines each year.

Our solution

Leading storage solutions company Constructor Finland Oy was called in to look at ways of creating storage capacity and optimising storage space in the new premises.

We worked closely with Elgood Oy, to determine the company’s needs and then implement the best solution, which was to make maximum use of the available height in the warehouse.

The solution adopted was pallet racking and three, Tornado Vertical Lift Machines.

Elgood OyThe result

Tornado is a dynamic storage system which moves vertically and delivers the required goods on a tray directly to the operator, either by pushing a button or scanning a barcode. Tornado offers maximum storage capacity on minimum floor space and fast access to the goods.

The storage machines have brought flexibility and efficiency to the warehouse’s operations, as most of the orders are delivered as single-line products.

Now that the goods are in the storage machines, the warehouse worker is not looking for the goods on the shelves, but the storage machine brings the shelf with the goods to the user. Tornado is simple to use and greatly eases the process of inventory and stock control.

Elgood OyThe 4m wide tray has been optimized for storage locations, giving dozens of storage spaces per platform.

“The company’s operations are constantly changing as trends and needs change,” said Timo Niinimäki, CEO of Elgood Oy.

“Elgood Oy’s development continues and processes are constantly being refined in order to better meet the needs of customers. There is still space available in the warehouse for a further storage machine and if one is purchased, it will be in active use.”

About Elgood Oy

Elgood Oy is part of the international Addtech Group and comes under the company's components division. It employs 37 people, six of whom are warehouse workers.