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Customer: Koiviston Auto 
Location: Finland 
Products: TORNADO Storage Machine and IPN Paternoster

Koiviston Auto purchased their first Paternoster vertical carousel in the previous millennium. Since then several Paternoster carousels have been ordered for different locations. In 2007, the company moved its logistic functions to a newly built central warehouse in Lahti. 

For the new central warehouse, Koiviston Auto purchased four new Paternosters and five older ones were transferred from other premises. A further Tornado is also used in the central warehouse. All spare parts needed by the group are delivered to the new warehouse, with a total of 7500 articles in stock. The storage machines provide all their small parts storage requirements. 


By concentrating the purchase of spare parts and repairs of exchange parts in one location, Koiviston Auto has gained remarkable benefits. Spare parts are bought at a lower price and the freight costs have decreased. The high room space in the buildings has been utilised by the Paternoster solution, which in fact was the main reason for Koiviston Auto to choose these machines. As a result, there has been overall increase in storage space. 

Utilising the vertical storage provided by the machines, the picking speed has increased, at the same time the general tidiness and order has improved. Within a Paternoster there are 60 levels, each level can carry at least 400 kg. One machine may contain more than 1000 items, when another has only a few hundred items. This demonstrates the flexibility of the storage method in accommodating the different product storage requirements. 


Tornado height: 5000 mm
Tray width: 3000 mm 
Tray depth: 820 mm 
Tray qty per Tornado: 15 
Load capacity per tray: 500kg 

Several Paternosters, the biggest of which: 

Paternoster height: 8240 mm 
Level width: 4100 mm 
Level depth: 420 mm 
Level qty per Paternoster: 32 
Load capacity per level: 400kg