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Customer: Servistik
Location: Sweden
Products: TORNADO Storage Machine 

Servistik decided to concentrate their resources on the core activities of the company which included third party logistics, material and product supply and analysis within the logistic field. 

Servistik were awarded a new contract with SAAB Aerosystem in Linköping which prompted the investment in new storage equipment and they were interested in our Tornado storage machines.

After assessing the requirements, the warehouse was equipped with a number of Constructor products including 6 Tornado storage machines.


Due to the new SAAB contract Servistik had to invest in high speed storage machines. Six new Tornados replaced 27 existing Paternoster storage machines which dramatically improved the service levels. In addition they created further capacity for future customers. The investment in Tornados released warehouse space whilst increasing their service levels and security of their stock.

6 Tornado storage machines. Storing 20.000 products.
Height 7 m and width 4 m. 70 pallets / machine. Totally 420 pallets.

Control system TC 2000 -  All machines were equipped with special fire protection and CO² extinguish system. Temperature and humidity control system installed to cope with the high demands of the environment.